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Sustainable Shipping Forum Online

06:00 AM MIAMI | 12:00 HAMBURG, 28TH of October, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has recently shook the entire maritime industry and, unfortunately, it has left no one untouched. As the world is already anticipating the end of the lockdown and slowly starting to map the recovery plan, ALJ Group has identified the need to provide a platform for shipping experts from different sectors to discuss the current status and future implications for the maritime industry. You will be joined by a large number of established industry experts and practitioners from different maritime areas, who will share current developments and challenges within their organisations, future plans, technical solutions and market insights.
We will provide an interactive platform, where participants will be able to engage in a discussion with the speakers and the audience. We invite all stakeholders to join the online conference, get valuable insights and share their experience.
Let’s weather this storm together by cooperating and connecting!


Virtual LNG-TECH Forum

06:00 AM HOUSTON | 13:00 MILAN, 10TH of November, 2020

Virtual LNG TECH Forum provides a platform for innovative service companies to present their top-notch technologies for the entire LNG value chain. The Forum will give you access to the expertise, case studies and successful solutions from service providers for a more effective management of your LNG business.



February 9-10 2021, Houston

The American LNG Forum is your gateway to learning about the US LNG export industry, LNG pricing and finding top-notch modern technology for projects as well as connecting with the right people for business. The US is living through the great times of energy renaissance and LNG industry faces numerous exciting opportunities as well as challenges in order to be able to thrive. Many questions related to building a sustainable LNG export industry, LNG pricing and finding top-notch modern technology for projects lie ahead. The American LNG Forum is your gateway to tackling these issues, connecting with the right people for business and learning about the latest developments, projects and innovations in the LNG sector. Taking place in Houston, the event will not be limited only to the local participation, the attendees will have the chance to meet people from different parts of the world, who are interested in business opportunities in US LNG sector.



February 16-17, 2021, Milan

Global LNG Forum is an exclusive networking and knowledge-sharing platform for top experts and business leaders in the industry. You will get a premium opportunity to address urgent questions and engage in heated discussions on LNG trends and market forecasts with industry stakeholders as well as exchange contacts and potentially start new partnerships with decision makers.



March 2-3, 2021, Athens

Recent years have taught the shipping industry that each industry player can succeed only provided that all stakeholders enter a dialogue and work together. The shipping industry is peculiar and, nonetheless, exciting because it comprises a number of parties who hold a different and very significant role within the sector. It is critical to hear from all of them. At the Forum you will find out from the regulators, government bodies and major ports’ representatives what the near future holds for ship builders and operators as well as learn about latest innovations and modern technologies from top technology developers.



April 20-21, 2021, Miami

The shipping industry has started realizing that they are responsible for a large portion of the global climate change problem and have been joining efforts to search for solutions and means to collaborate. GreenTech in Shipping Forum strives to get all important industry stakeholders to Miami to provide a platform for debating and networking. The Forum will present strategies and will showcase latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies, which will move the industry to a greener and more sustainable future. You will hear from shipbuilders, shipowners, solution and service providers, research and government bodies. This unique platform will give you an opportunity to network, learn and discuss maritime industry challenges in a compact and more intimate environment!



May 3-4, 2021, Warsaw

In recent years the SSLNG industry has demonstrated great potential, and experts agree that it’s just gaining momentum and major gas industry companies are progressively developing and investing in new projects. Vast global natural gas reserves, favorable gas prices and stricter emission regulations are among the factors that make SSLNG so attractive. LNG can compete with petroleum fuels and help solve a variety of energy needs in CEE. There still remain numerous opportunities for taking full advantage of LNG, so don’t miss the chance to learn more at the 2nd CEE SSLNG Forum and move your business accordingly!